Demolition Dog Behavior

A common complaint when dogs are left alone is disruptive or destructive behavior. A dog left alone can dig and chew and tear things up in a hurry. It is a horrid experience to come home and find your house in shambles and a cloud of stuffing where your couch once was.

This can indicate that a dog needs to be taught polite house manners but, they can also be symptoms of distress. It can be an indicator that the dog has separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety often have extreme reactions that can result in self-injury and household destruction,

The goal when treating a dog with separation anxiety is to resolve the dog’s underlying anxiety. Teach them to accept or even enjoy being left home alone.

Find toys that keep the dogs attention, toys that they truly enjoy. Give your dog comfort items, such as blankets or pillows of his own. Implement a safe space in crate or kennel. Wild canines retreat to an underground den when fearful, and many domestic dogs show similar instincts. Hiding in a confined area often helps them to feel safe and secure.

A strong secure crate or kennel, located in a common room of the house helps your dog better associate with the space. Teach your dog that this area is his safe space, by encouraging him to spend time here when you are home. Have his favorite toys and comfort items there also. Staying in this place will make separation easier for him to deal with, and make your homecoming much less horrid for you.

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