Designer Dog Crates

Every pup needs their own private space, a haven where they can relax and recharge. That is great reason why a luxury dog crate is one of the nicest gifts you can give your best fur friend. Not only will a comfortable crate help your furry friend, but it also provides you with a convenient place to put them when they need to be kept out of harm’s way.

Past are the days of the old unsightly wire crate. Now, luxurious, designer options that match your home interior are the way to go. If you are looking for a new luxury indoor kennel or fashionable crate, you have come to the right place. Black Goat Designs builds custom, high quality, beautiful crates and kennels that make both fur friends and owners happy.

While there are many dog crate sizes and styles available, picking the right one for your pet and your home is crucial to ensuring the best experience from day one. When choosing a dog crate, the most important factor to consider is size. The actual size of the dog is more important than the weight.

A dog should be able to walk into the crate without crouching down, and be able to comfortably turn around with the door shut. A crate should be at least 6 inches longer than their body length and 6 inches higher than their shoulder height for adequate comfort. Because dogs are usually taller when sitting, it’s OK if they are unable to sit up in the crate, but they should have plenty of room to stand

If you have a puppy then you will need to figure for room to grow, so get a crate that fits their estimated adult size and use a divider to adjust the inside space as they get bigger. Avoid choosing to much space as well, because an extra-large dog crate for your medium-sized pup might seem like a nice way to treat them, but having to much extra space can lead to accidents, especially if they’re still becoming accustomed to the crate. The right crate not only creates a safe place to contain your pet when you can't be there, but it also taps into a dog's natural instinct to den.

Crate time should never be a punishment, if you want your dog to crate happily. You can help your fur friend adjust to their new den by adding items like their favorite dog toy or blanket inside the crate.

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