Thanksgiving With The Fur Family

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings together family, fur family and friends, but it also can present some hazards. Overindulging in the family feast can not only be unhealthy for humans, but even worse for the fur baby variety. While you don’t want to leave your fur family out of the celebrations, it’s important to be mindful of the dangers so you can keep your fur family safe.

Keep the feast on the table

Beware of sliding your pet treats under the table. Fatty foods are hard for animals to digest. Poultry bones can damage your pet’s digestive tract. And holiday sweets can contain ingredients that are poisonous to pets. Eating turkey or turkey skin – sometimes even a small amount – can cause a life-threatening condition in pets known as pancreatitis. Fatty foods are hard for animals to digest Foods like onions, raisins and grapes are poisonous to pets. Those yeast rolls are also a not an option for the fur family as they can cause painful gas and potentially dangerous bloating.

Avoid the desserts

Many dogs find chocolate tempting and will sniff it out and eat it but it can be harmful for pets. The artificial sweetener xylitol – commonly used in sugar-free baked goods can be deadly if consumed by dogs or cats. Therefore, it is best to just avoid desserts off the fur family menu.

What are the menu options

Healthy foods like sweet potatoes, green beans, apples and pumpkin can be safe options to share in very small portions with the fur family. The best option is to have plenty of the normal foods and treats on hand that your fur family considers their favorites. This way you avoid any danger.

Have a happy Thanksgiving

Avoiding the wrong foods, and making sure everyone enjoys the right foods can make all the difference so that both you and fur family are assured of a thankful Thanksgiving this year.

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