Camping With Fur

Everyone likes to go camping, even Fur babies love to camp! Camping with a dog actually isn't all that complicated. However, many campsites insist that dogs are kept leashed or contained throughout their stay. It is best to have a thought-out plan on to how to keep your dog comfy and secure your dog at your site.

When you go camping, a crate can be an important addition for your fur baby. Especially in areas where aggressive animals or wildlife might come around. Light weight temporary crates and kennels are a simple fix for campers. However, many people want a more permanent setup for their pup.

Building a custom furniture piece for RV or camper in an option available to those who are regular long-haul travelers. Another option is to design a piece that fits more into an outside came option. Like a currant design we are building of and ice chest/ crate on wheels. It is easy to move around and works well for campsite or even the back yard on times when Fido needs a little restraint but still be part of that backyard party

Whatever option you choose it is always important to include your furry family members in the plan. If you are looking for a unique way to make a crate for camping with your pup then contact Black Goat Designs, we would LOVE to assist you.

Custom piece made for RV owner with a large pup and an extra small pup. They requested a built feed storage as well. Because the width of the RV door was not as wide as the space they wanted the kennel to fit, the kennel is designed in two pieces that simply latch together forming the full size requested. This way the kennel can also be easily removed from the RV at any time.

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