Individually Priced According to Size & Customs. 

We do custom orders, however many customers are unsure of basic sizes and would like to know a base size and cost reference. These are the most common crate and kennel sizes that we have requests for.

                  in Inches outside Dimension length x width          

24x30                      $450
36x30                      $575
48x30                      $675

60x30                      $800
72x30                      $1000

84x30                      $1100
96x30                      $1200                                 


Gliding Doors

Rolling Barn Doors 


Removable Divider 

Chew Guards 

Black Rubber Floor Mat   

Distressed or Peacock Finish 

$50 each Door

$200 each Door

$50 each

$50 each divider


$50 each


Additional Extras and Cost

Free 3D Computer Concept Image of Custom Fabrications before construction begins

FREE Delivery in the OKC Metro area or within 75 miles of Chickasha

We use Pet Safe water based stains for all our pet furniture. We purchase stains and paints through Sherwin Williams, follow this link to see all the colors available in the Minwax water based stains. Stain Colors

We have been contacted several times in the last month asking if we could build certain kennels and they send photos of work done by other people listed on Face Book market place. Yes, we can build most anything. However, our cost often ranges higher than some of these others because to be honest we would never let something leave our shop with the problems we see in much of this workmanship. 

We use quality lumber and materials when building and we don’t cut corners. Our kennels and pieces are furniture and thus they are built as quality furniture, not cheap low quality easily destroyed pieces.

Whether you purchase a piece from us or someone else please make sure you know what you are getting. We even know of some people who have paid for a kennel from some of these ads and then never received anything. Be cautious always ask for a contract, check out the seller/builder ask to speak with previous clients. Check to see if they are a legitimate business.

Black Goat Designs is a registered business with the State of Oklahoma. We provide a contract for each item purchased. We also provide a 3d drawing showing you what the piece should look like so that you can approve it before construction begins.

Remember the old adage you get what you pay for. Think about what the materials cost at say Home Depot and if even lumber alone would cost you more to buy than the  kennel they are selling as a custom new build, then something isn’t right! Don’t get swindled because you want a cheap price, shop smart no matter where you buy!

Black Goat Designs

Ninnekah, OK


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