Individually Priced According to Size & Customs.



A customized according to your personal needs and decor.

We do custom orders, however many customers are unsure of basic sizes and would like to know a base size and cost reference. These are the most common crate and kennel sizes that we have requests for.

in Inches outside Dimension length x width          

24x30                      $500
36x30                      $600
48x30                      $800

60x30                      $1000
72x30                      $1200

84x30                      $1500

***Make sure and check with us as Lumber Prices are fluctuating greatly at this time. 

Additional Extras and Cost

Gliding Doors

Rolling Barn Doors 


Chew Guards 

Black Rubber Floor Mat   

Distressed or Peacock Finish 

floor mat.jpg

$100 each Door

$150 each Door

$75 each